Located in Surrey/Sussex · England

In one of the driest, sunniest corners of England sits Henners, established in 2007 in the pretty village of Herstmonceux. Tucked in next to the Pevensey Levels Nature Reserve and only a few miles from the sea, the vineyard grows three classic grape varieties: chardonnay, pinot meunier and pinot noir.

Conditions in this location are ideal for allowing the grapes to thrive, growing in free-draining clay soils and benefitting from a strong coastal influence. Sea breezes reduce the risk of frost damage, guard against the spread of disease and bring a delightful touch of salinity to the wines

Growing top-quality fruit allows the winery to employ a non-interventionist approach, adding extra layers of character and depth to the wines through storage in oak barrels. The small team on site keep a tight rein on all aspects of production, overseeing not only the vinification process but also fermentation and bottling to ensure excellent quality in each and every bottle.