Located in Stellenbosch · South Africa

Stellenbosch winery Grangehurst has come a long way since Jeremy Walker first established it on his father's squash court in 1992. This red wine specialist, on Helderberg Mountain between Stellenbosch and Somerset West, has grown to be a 140-ton cellar with a production capacity of around 9000 cases per year.

The approach here is a traditional and low-tech one, from the hand-harvesting of the grapes to the labelling process. Age-old techniques are still in place, using open fermentation tanks (kuipe), wooden basket presses and oak barrels.

Grangehurst’s grapes are sourced from premium vineyards around Stellenbosch’s coastal regions, where cool sea breezes help to produce very high-quality fruits. Having previously focused on classic pinotage, merlot and cabernet sauvignon varieties, the winery has recently expanded into shiraz and petit verdot to bring added interest to its wine range.