Finca Suarez

Located in Mendoza · Argentina

When Michel Pouget arrived in Mendoza in 1852, he brought with him a number of French grape varieties – one of which was malbec. The grapes thrived in the area, and by 1911 surveys reveal that malbec grapes accounted for around half of all the vines grown in the Mendoza region.

Despite this lengthy history, the team at Finca Suarez say there are still many things to learn about the grape, and they are working constantly to bring out its best qualities.

The conditions of the company’s vineyard in Paraje Altamira – in the foothills of the Andes mountains in the Uco Valley – are ideal for producing malbec grapes. The rocky limestone soils are particularly fertile thanks to the influence of the Tunuyán river and the altitude (over 1000 metres above sea level) contributes to the creation of fresh and characterful wines.