Fernando de Castilla

Located in Jerez · Spain

The cellars of Fernando de Castilla are in the historic heart of Jerez, where the Andrada-Vanderwilde first founded their business more than two centuries ago. The brand was established in 1972, taking its name from King Fernando de Castilla, who conquered much of Andalusia in the 13th century and was one of the first to discover the area’s potential for wine production.

The company’s aim has always been to create top-quality wines and sherries through a process that mixes up contemporary processes with traditional methods. The wines are crafted using only alembic distillates of selected white wines, which are aged first in new barrels and then transferred to older barrels that have previously contained fine sherries.

The result of this process is a range of excellent-quality sherries that have gained both national and international recognition – from light and elegant finos to deeper and more complex antique sherries.