Domaine Roblin

Located in Sancerre · France

Domaine Roblin is based in the wine-growing hamlet of Maimbray, a little way north of Sancerre, and exclusively produces wines from the Sancerre appellation – not just the whites that the area is primarily know for but also reds and rosés.

This estate is very much a family affair – current managers Matthias and Emile are the latest of four generations that have passed their knowledge on at Château de Maimbray. They are joined by their mother Annick and Matthias’s wife Angélique, as part of an enthusiastic team running the vineyards and winery.

The vineyards spread over about 20 hectares of sloping land around the hamlet, divided into around 40 plots that are mainly given over to growing sauvignon blanc grapes (with some pinot noir on site too). The calcerous clay soils are locally known as ‘terres blanches’, and the team here are committed to preserving this specific terroir with only minimal intervention. Although not certified organic, there is great respect for the environment here, both in the vineyards and in the winery.