Domaine Richard

Located in Rhone · France

Domaine Richard is headed up by half-English, half-French Richard Doughty, who started tending vines in Bergerac in 1991 after an injury forced him to abandon his former career of deep-sea diving. He became one of the pioneers of the current Bergerac winemaking style, using old barrels and favouring a 100% organic approach for both vine-growing and wine production. 

Bergerac’s wines, from a large area in the Aquitaine region, are often overlooked in favour of those from neighbouring Bourdeaux, partly because the similar grape varieties can give the idea that the two areas are one and the same. However, the Bergerac AOC’s less-strict rules give rise to some interesting and excellent wines being produced in this area.

Both the whites and the reds from Domaine Richard display the clean acidity that’s often a trademark of organic viticulture. These are expressive wines that bear little resemblance to those from Bordeaux despite using many of the same grapes (cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc for the reds; sauvignon blanc, semillon and muscadelle for the whites).