Domaine La Prade Mari

Located in Languedoc · France

Eric Mari, owner of Domaine La Prade Mari, could be said to have winegrowing in his blood. Both of his parents, Catherine and Laurent, come from winegrowing families with a heritage stretching back for more than 200 years. The families met when both settled close to Montpellier after spells in Oran and Algeria respectively.

In 1964, Eric’s grandfather settled in the hamlet of La Prade in the Hérault region between Narbonne and Carcassonne, establishing the family vineyard through determination and hard work. It’s in this same location that Eric works now, drawing on all the expertise passed down through the generations to create authentic wines that sing of the terroir.

The 24-hectare vineyard is subject to a microclimate that is particularly suitable for grapes, benefiting from the area’s warmth but sheltered from the winds. The loamy soils encourage the vines to grow well, and the presence of Aleppo pines and olive trees contributes to a thriving ecosystem.