Domaine des Tourelles

Located in Bekaa Valley · Lebanon

Operating since 1868 in Chtaura (Bekaa Valley), Domaine des Tourelles is Lebanon’s oldest winery company.

The winery was established by François-Eugène Brun, a Frenchman who travelled to Bekaa Valley, fell in love with the area and decided to set up the country’s first winery there. After some time working for a French company helping to construct the Beirut-Damascus road, Brun eventually managed to set up Domaine des Tourelles as a producer of both wine and arak.

Today, more than 150 years later, the winery has been passed down through several generations of the family, all of whom have had the same passion for wine, for the Bekaa Valley and for Lebanon itself. The latest generation, the Issa and Issa el Khoury families, are now the country’s youngest winemaking team in its oldest winery.