Located in Champagne · France

Champagne Devaux is a ‘boutique’ premium brand established in 1846 by brothers Jules and Auguste Devaux. It remained in the family for over a century before being bought by the growers of the Union Auboise.

The estate is based in the Côte des Bar, where vineyards are established on Portlandian limestone and Kimmeridgian marl that are have more in common with Chablis that Épernay or Reims; this shows itself in a subtly different set of flavours that has found great success among customers and critics alike.

Cellar master Michel Parisot has crafted an innovative process here, establishing a long maturation time, bringing in a thoughtful use of oak and dipping into reserve wines from two long-established solera systems. Such attention to detail led to him winning the IWC’s ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’ award in 2020.