Located in Cheverny · France

The 21-acre Daridan estate is located in Cour Cheverny between Loire and Sologne, near Château de Cheverny and Château Chambord. This estate focuses on sustainable farming practices, taking great care to nurture the soil for the benefit of both the vines and the general surrounding environment.

The property’s clay-siliceous and limestone soil is just right for grapes, and the result is a group of characterful wines that represent the best of this terroir. Many of the company’s wines, created by combining traditional winemaking methods with modern equipment, are labelled ‘AOC Cheverny’, ‘AOC Cour-Cheverny’ or ‘Vin de France’.

A particularly notable aspect of this estate is its 4.5-acre plot that has been dedicated to the unique and rare Romorantin grape for the past 50 years. This grape was first introduced by Francois I of France and harbours subtle but captivating flavours.