Crittenden Estates


Family-owned and operated Crittenden Estates is one of the oldest and best-loved wineries on the Mornington Peninsula, and known particularly for its excellent-quality cool climate wines.

In charge of operations is Garry Crittenden, a true pioneer of the Australian wine industry and one of the first to see this area’s potential to become a thriving wine region. When he started off with just five acres back in 1982, this already represented around half of the region’s wine-growing land. Since those early days he has been instrumental in developing the region and helping it to find well-deserved global recognition.

Garry’s success comes from a combination of a deep love of wine and a strong background in horticulture – as a result of this, he was the first Australian winemaker to commercialise Italian wine varieties, introducing grapes such as sangiovese, nebbiolo, dolcetto and barbera.