City on the Hill

Located in Swartland · South Africa

André Bruyns’ small winery City on the Hill was launched in 2015, at a Swartland location a little way south of Malmesbury. Bruyns set up his winery here following experience at wineries in Swartland, Tulbagh and France. 

His time in France led him to the conclusion that the climates of southern France and Swartland are similar, so many of the same approaches can be used. Bruyns uses minimal intervention in the winery, using grapes sourced from across the region and fermenting them naturally in concrete and old oak barrels.

The unusual winery name is inspired by a passage from the Bible that reads ‘A city set on a hill cannot be hidden’ – a testament to Bruyns’ spirituality and his hopes to display what the Swartland vineyard can be capable of.