Castel del Lupo

Located in Italy

Castel del Lupo is a winery that has quite a history behind it – its location can be seen on maps dating all the way back to 1301, and the use of the phrase ‘vicus luporum’ on even older documents suggests that it may even have Roman origins. 

The current incarnation of the winery started in 1974, when the estate was purchased by three entrepreneurs. The property’s central feature is the elegant 18th-century villa called Palazzo Pegazzera, which has its own chapel and is surrounded by beautiful parkland. The location at the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese DOC area – 300 metres above sea level and based on calcareous marl soil – is ideal for growing vines, which thrive on the steep and sunny slopes.

The team’s extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the terroir have helped them pinpoint the best techniques to use to get the best of out the traditional Oltrepò grape varieties – an excellent combination that produces unique, high-quality wines.

Over the years since 1974, the estate has expanded in size and the team has constructed a new wine cellar with modern innovative equipment. This building is now large enough to house all the estate’s production, creating wines made exclusively from grapes grown on site.