Cantina Terlano

Located in Alto Adige · Italy

Since its foundation in 1893, Cantina Terlano has grown to be one of South Tyrol’s leading wine-growing co-operatives. It now has a membership of 143 growers, who produce the equivalent of 1.5 million bottles a year from their growing area of around 190 hectares. In spite of its relatively small size, Cantina Terlano has attracted praise from both national and international wine markets as a result of maintaining its keen focus on quality.

The company’s modern winery produces both white and red wines (with a 70%/30% split), all of DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) quality. A 2009 refurbishment created a new cellar with a fascia of red porphyry (the stone that gives the area’s wines their distinctive character) and a roof planted with vines to allow for seamless blending with the landscape. Inside, there is 18,000 cubic metres of storage space where the wines can develop.

Terlano’s wines are sold under two brands: the traditional collection and the Selections line. They also produce an annual ‘rarity’, which only goes to market after it has matured for at least 10 years – this makes it a strong statement of the winery’s focus on longevity.