Cantina Andriano

Located in Alto Adige · Italy

Andriano’s distinctive identity and taste is built upon the motto ‘change is the key to consistency’. This is a winery that consciously forges its own path rather than following fashions. In 1893, the winemakers here made the bold move of combining their resources to form Alto Adige’s first winemaking co-operative – and in fact, the first in the former Austro-Hungarian empire. Some 115 years later in 2008, they made another decisive step by creating an alliance with the well-known Cantina Terlano, on the other side of the River Adige.

Now the strengths of both wine estates combine and co-exist beautifully, although each remains clearly distinct from the other. Cantina Andriano is notable for its consistency, based on historic methods used for wines like Lagrein, which was one of the first to be aged in barriques here.

Never resting on its laurels, Cantina Andriano continues to develop and mature, while maintaining a constant commitment to quality and a keen focus on terroir. Andriano’s limestone-rich soils and climate are quite different from those of Terlano, and its grape varieties have been picked to suit this combination perfectly.

As it looks to the future, this winery can be proud of its quality and unique identity, and appears to be in a position of great strength.