Cantalapiedra Viticultores

Located in Castilla y León · Spain

Young winemaker Manuel Cantalapiedra is a farmer who has a clear vision for his Castilla y León winery – and the kind of Verdejo it produces. The winery is named after his father, who shares his passion for the grape, and covers 20 hectares of Verdejo wines near the village of La Seca in the Rueda region.

Cantalapiedra’s heart lies in the centre of the DO Rueda, but his wines are very different to those of his neighbours, showing real power and finesse. His vines are divided across several plots of different soils types, with each lending a unique character to the grapes.

The vineyards are cultivated using organic methods that bring balance to local ecosystems, employing tools such as horsetail and nettle infusions to control disease. A later harvest than the surrounding vineyards contributes further to the deep flavours of the wines.

In keeping with the organic growing approach, minimal intervention is used in the winemaking process, with very little sulphur added and native yeasts used for fermentation.