Bodrog Bormuhely Winery

Located in tokaji · Hungary

Fresh from their oenology degrees, friends János Hajdú and Krisztián Farkas joined forces to establish the Bodrog Bormuhely Winery in 2007. It marked the final stage of a winemaking journey that had played a large part in both their lives. János grew up in family that had been involved in winemaking for generations, while Krisztián had developed his passion through a career as a sommelier and wine merchant.

Together they established their winery in Bodrogkisfalud, nine kilometres from the town of Tokaj, with vineyards around the local area. Starting out with 1.2 hectares of vineyards of lapis and dereszla vines, over the years they expanded the estate to reach 4.5 hectares, adopting an organic approach in 2015.

With a method that combines traditional and modern techniques, the winery now produces around 6000-10000 bottles per year, creating high-quality wines with expressive characters.