Bodegas Peique

Located in Bierzo · Spain

‘Wine is a living element in constant evolution’ is the motto of Bodegas Peique, a vineyard that maintains a constant focus on research and experimentation to define the distinct characteristics of its wines.

The winery is based in Valtuille de Abajo, a small town with no more that a hundred residents but a constant stream of anecdotes and advice about wine and the vineyards that populate the area. The knowledge from these elders passed down through the generations, infusing the vineyard’s current owners with a strong sense of hard work and ability to judge weather conditions from an early age.

The Valtuille vineyard is now a place where they continue the path started by their grandfather Ramón Valle, still growing Mencía and Godello vines that are now almost a hundred years old. Bodegas Peique produced its first vintage in 1999, making 10,000 bottles in its first year – and it’s gone from strength to strength since then.