Bodegas Amaren

Located in Rioja · Spain

Bodegas Amaren was founded in 2016 by Juan Luis Cañas, who named as a tribute to his mother Ángeles (Amaren meaning ‘of the mother’ in Basque), who was a key figure in creating and developing his father’s company Bodegas Luis Cañas.

The winery is located in Samaniego (Rioja Alavesa), where it sits among 65 hectares of vineyards, some of which are more than 100 years old. The area’s specific microclimate means that the vines produce grapes that are small in size but big on quality. 

Getting the best out of these grapes is the work of true artisans who develop a strong relationship to the field through their meticulous work. All the work here is done by hand, in some cases with added animal traction, thereby also preserving the natural diversity of wildlife around each plot. This, says Juan Luis, is the key to producing healthy grapes – and therefore healthy, great-quality wines.