Bodega Mustiguillo

Located in Valencia · Spain

Family-owned Bodega Mustiguillo was founded in 1999, at an elevation of around 800 metres above sea level near the city of Valencia. The family’s aim was to bring back the neglected native grapes bobal and merseguera, which they saw could thrive in the area’s sandy soils.

In an area often dedicated to bulk production, the family decided to take another route, dedicating themselves to a natural viticulture process with eco-friendly practices and minimal intervention in the soil. 

After soil studies and experiments with controlling the plants, they established a practice that mixes up traditional untrained vines with modern training techniques. A healthy ecosystem is also promoted by the presence of pine, olive and almond trees as well as herb bushes. Wines are made solely from grapes grown on site, so that the natural, eco-friendly label can be guaranteed throughout.