Villa Giada

Located in Piemonte · Italy

Villa Giada was first established in the early 18th century, with the vines being part of a diverse range of crops grown – in keeping with most farms around the region at that time. Over time, the owners realised that this location – in the Ceirole hills near Canelli in the Piedmont area – was particularly suited to grape growing, and started to focus more on vines and learning to produce their own wines.

The first bottles were produced here in 1934, with the modern winery being established in the 1970s when the latest managers started to buy up new plots of land, increase production and take control of the whole process including bottling and selling.

Around the same time there was a trend for planting traditional grapes, and Villa Giada decided to take the plunge and experiment with the native barbera grape. It’s a move that has certainly paid off – the vines have thrived on these hills and produced some outstanding wines, some of which have attracted national and international attention.