Juliet Victor

Located in Hungary

Mádo, in the heart of the Tokaj wine region, is home to Juliet Victor, a well-established winery producing world-class wines from its vineyards scattered around the Mád area (plots can be found in Bomboly, Betsek and Holdvölgy, among others).

The history of winemaking in this area stretches back over several centuries, with the Mádi vineyards being some of the first to be recognised for their excellent quality. 

Juliet Victor’s current production area covers 25 hectares of top-quality vines, which supply a winery in a building that references the area’s typical farmhouse style while housing a raft of modern technology inside

Aviation fans may well note the name of the winery coming from the NATO phonetic alphabet. This is a nod to the estate’s owner József Váradi, the founder of Wizz Air, putting his name on his wines in a slightly different way.