Located in Veneto · Italy

The oldest and the most modern: this could be Montresor's motto. The oldest reality, thanks to its centuries-old origins rooted in the territory and traditions, the most modern because it has always been devoted to pioneering and experimental innovations in order to obtain a very high quality product intended for an attentive and evolved consumer like today's. The beginning of the family saga originates in France with a palace conspiracy that sees Count Claude de Montresor flee to Haute-Savoie. Later going as far as the Morainic hills of Garda, where he settled together with his family, Claude de Montresor gave new entrepreneurial impetus to the viticulture of the area as he did in France. Today the Castle of Montresor can still be visited along the wonderful panoramic excursion of the Castles of the Loire, testifying to the transalpine origins of the lineage which for more than a hundred years has however blended into the social fabric of Verona. The official birth of the Vinicola house dates back to 1892 at the behest of Giacomo Montresor, great-grandfather of the current generation present in the company and founder of that style of production and entrepreneurial management that has allowed the evolution of the cellar hand in hand with the market. Let's not forget that the term "pioneering" is certainly not abused when it is compared to Cantine Montresor because in fact it was among the first companies in the Verona area to bottle wines when this was not an obvious practice, or among the first to enhance dry Recioto bottling a "Recioto Rustego Amaro" vintage 1946 which in fact is recognized as the forerunner of Amarone, or among the first in the Verona area to make sparkling wines using the Charmat method since 1937. Always one step ahead, but firmly anchored to the traditions and inextricably linked to the world of wine from generation to generation, so much so that it approaches new territories to recover their productive heritage in full respect of socio-cultural-economic traditions. This is how other production companies were born in recent decades that have implemented the strength of the parent company starting with Conti Wallenburg in Trentino, Vidussi in the Collio, Monti Guidi del Carmine in Abruzzo and De Bertiol in the province of Treviso. All Cellars that retrace the Montresor philosophy in different terroirs from the original Veronese one. The historic cellar is located in Parona di Valpolicella and occupies an area of 12,000 m2. over 8,000 of which are covered and destined for production. Of the latter, approximately 2800 m2 are underground cellars for the refinement and aging of great red wines, while the granaries that house the drying grapes necessary for the production of wines such as Recioto and Amarone occupy an area of approximately 1000 m2. . Every year the production is around 3,500,000 bottles, with a bottling capacity of 5,000 units per hour. 40% of the production is sold in Italy, while 60% is exported abroad, where Montresor wines have been present in 55 countries around the world for several decades. Immediately after the Second World War, Montresor was among the first Italians to export to the United States. Even before, however, his wine was also known beyond the border, mainly in France and Switzerland. Today the leading markets, in addition to Europe, are North America (USA and Canada), Central America (Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, South America, and Brazil), as well as some Pacific countries, such as Japan , Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. The production favors the typical wines of Verona and the Veneto: Soave, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Bianco di Custoza and Lugana but above all Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone. It is a selection of exclusive and highly prestigious wines, whose grapes come from owned vineyards or from suppliers bound by the "Montresor Monopoly". Sparkling wines are of great interest and increasingly in demand. First of all the "Brut Millesimato": a noble and intriguing bubble obtained from the vinification of the Pinot Noir grape only with the exclusive Lungo Montresor Charmat method. The Company is certified ISO 9001/08 (Quality) and 14.001 (environmental sustainability). For two years, the family companies have been participating, together with some other leading producers, in the "MAGIS" project, which sees the leaders of Italian viticulture involved in the implementation of a quality and eco-sustainability system from the vineyard to the bottle. The fourth generation of Montresor "vinattieri" is more than ever a friend of nature and "ecofriendly".