Domaine la Sarabande

Located in Faugeres · France

Based in France but run by an Australian/Irish couple who have brought skills learned in New Zealand, Domaine La Sarabande is an enterprise with a truly international background.

The estate was established just over 10 years ago, when Paul and Isla Gordon arrived in France looking for a vineyard where they could create wines they felt passionate about. Eventually they settled in the Faugéres area, renting property at first before buying a number of growing plots and starting to build their winery in 2020.

Now, Domaine la Sarabande stretches across 9.5 hectares, shared between four vineyard sites all carefully chosen for their good drainage, schiste soils and favourable aspect. Cultivating a mix of young and very old vines, an organic approach is used here, with no chemical fungicides or herbicides and the soil improved only by organic fertilisers.