Chateau Mayne-Vieille

Located in Bordeaux · France

There has been a winery on site at Chateau Mayne-Vieille since the 17th century, when it was first established by the squire DePaty, Lord of Mayne-Vieille. The winery was later replaced in the 18th century by an elegant house (which still stands today) before renowned winemaking family the Fontemoings bought the estate and created a new Fronsac vineyard producing top-quality wines.

The property came into the hands of Louis Sèze in 1918; he was succeeded in the early 1950s by his son Roger, who grew the vineyards further and became the first owner to bottle the wine and sell it directly. Since they took over in the 1980s, Roger’s children Bertrand and Marie-Christine have been further expanding the vineyard, which now runs to more than 10 hectares.