Azienda Agricola Il Cascinone

Located in Piemonte · Italy

Azienda Agricola Il Cascinone is an outstanding estate in the Monferrato hills, in the Piemonte region. It was bought in 1999 by renowned local producer Araldica, who carried out extensive restoration and replanting work to expand the vineyards to their current 70-hectare footprint.

The estate’s landscape is put to good use here, with the warmer southwest-facing slopes planted with merlot, cabernet sauvignon and barbera grapes and the cooler northeastern slopes reserved for more aromatic varieties such as sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and moscato. All harvesting here is done by hand, with the Araldica winemaking team (Claudio Manera, Lella Burdese and Carlo Manera) keeping an eye on all aspects of production.

Grapes from the Cascinone vineyard are supplemented by those brought in from some of Araldica's other top-quality vineyards. These include the d’Annona vineyard, purchased by Claudio Manera in 1998 and a source of premium barbera grapes from vines that are around 60 years old.