Alira Winery

Located in Romania

Boutique winery Alira Winery sits on 80 acres of land in Dobrogea, surrounded by hills and with views over the Danube river. The winery’s name combines those of the Aliman and Rasova communities, home to the vineyards that produce its grapes.

This is an area with a wine tradition dating back over several millennia – evidence has been found of wine being produced back in Geto-Dacian times. At Alira, that heritage was revived by French oenologist Mark Dworkin – whose intuition suggested that this would be an excellent location to work with – with the backing of wine enthusiast Dr. Karl Hauptmann.

Dworkin brought with him years of experience producing wines in the Bordeaux area, using his knowledge to craft distinctive wines here that showcase the individual characters of the Romanian terroir. In doing so, he has made Alira a worthy inclusion in a network of top-class wineries that cover international locations from Europe to China.