Aperitivo Spritz Kit


A steal of a deal - six bottles of our excellent V Prosecco and a bottle of Vermouth Del Professore for the perfect negroni. All at a discounted rate to help the party go with a bang!

The Del Professore Aperitivo is made in order to recreate the bright Mediterranean flavours of the Aperitivo style born in Italy in the 1950’s. The fresh orange and floral notes are unique and entirely natural. The ingredients are mostly sourced in the region with a select few coming from more exotic locations. The Aperitivo is made by infusing alcohol with the herbs and spices, all ingredients are infused separately and then blended to taste to create the perfect flavour.
It was named after Jerry Thomas, the legendary 19th century bartender who is considered by many as the father of American mixology and known to some as 'The Professor.'



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