The £90 White Mix 6x75cl


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Our mixed cases give us the chance to show you our customers, some of our favourite wines, we regually change the selection to showcase, new wines, something a little different or maybe a wine thats been missed. These wines are all a bit special, at £15pb they are incredible 'value'

Two each of the following:

2018 Menetou Salon Blanc Domaine de Jouan Loire

Menetou Salon, just down the river from its more famous cousin Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc at its elegant and fruit driven best. Fresh, bright nose, classy. This wine has a easy style, soft citrus fruit, with a lovely texture. Perfect as an aperitif or with any shellfish dish.

2016 Riesling Herrenmorgen Trocken Hanewald-Schwerdt

Simple sublime, this wine we tasted in amongst 300 others and it was elixur. Like a great pre-dessert, it has sweet charactures but with incredible balance. It clenses the palate. Umptous and bold, this wine is an great accompniment to soft cheese, spicey food be it Thai or indain. If you do not smile while drinking this wine, do you even like wine!

Camparsi Cai di Maghi

Made from Trebbiano, which can be a very plain grape in the wrong hands this is a expressive wine. Dry with lovely texture, it fills the mouth with fresh fruit, a touch of spice, but freshness comes from a balanced acidity. serve with anything but would sit very well with a lighter pork, white meat dish.

Please note - to get your wines to you as fast as possible, we will will substitute out of stock lines in our mixed cases for one of equal value, drinkability and deliciousness.


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