The £45 White Mix 6x75cl


Looking for wines which demonstrate utter bang-for-buck? Choosing the 'every-day' wine is just as challenging as picking the finest wines known to humanity. It has to be enjoyable for the pallet and the wallet. We believe these cases provide that - these are our most purchased item. We get the same buzz from our customers coming back and re-buying these mixed cases as any top Bordeaux or Rioja.

Two each of the following:

2019 El Chivo Sauvignon Blanc

Pure Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a fresh, fruity style of classic Sauvignon Blanc with cool lemon citrus and grassy textures with a clean, refreshing style.

2018 Sensale Grillo Sicily

This delightful wine is named brilliantly: Grillo – i.e. a wine intended to go with something you grill. Well, alright - possibly the name has other roots! but drink it and you will understand – out on the patio, sun overhead, the scent of charcoal in the air as the barbecued.. well anything.... it works beautifully. It's a fabulous balance of Peach, Grapefruit and Ginger aromas with an incredibly crisp and mineral palate.

2019 Reserve St Marc Sauvignon Blanc Foncalieu

A wine which inspires less colloquialisms and more plain sense: this is fantastic wine for £7.50. made by Foncalieu, a large négociant down in the southpaw France, they blend just a touch of Semillon into this to add creamy lemon to the grassiness and gooseberry of the Sauvignon. Just a dash, mind you – this is firstly made for quenching thirst, which is what we love about it.

Please note - to get your wines to you as fast as possible, we will will substitute out of stock lines in our mixed cases for one of equal value, drinkability and deliciousness.

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