The £45 Red Mix 6x75cl


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Looking for wines which demonstrate utter bang-for-buck? Choosing the 'every-day' wine is just as challenging as picking the finest wines known to humanity. It has to be enjoyable for the pallet and the wallet. We believe these cases provide that - these are our most purchased item. We get the same buzz from our customers coming back and re-buying these mixed cases as any top Bordeaux or Rioja.

Two each of the following:

2018 Plume Rouge La Colombette

Winemaker Francois Pugibet frequently jokes about having made several deals with the devil in his lifetime; yet in this bottle he appears to have listened to his better angels. Ripe juicy Grenache, with a berry fruit explosion on the palate, and a balanced palette makes this exceptionally drinking. What makes it utterly smashable is that it’s only 9%. Count’s as a health drink, definitely – so have another glass. 

2018 Sensale Nero d'Avola

Lovely stuff from down in Sicily. Nero d’Avola is uniquely black in the glass, with high acidity begging to be paired with a tomato. On top of this the lovely fruit explodes from the glass, all glossy and a lovely hint of spice keeping it lively.

2019 El Chivo Merlot

El Chivo Merlot is the vinous equivalent of a walk in the park. Soft, fruity, sedate. Comforting like warm sunshine. Clean red fruit bouncing unhurriedly around in your mouth, languidly informing you there is time to sit down, while the acidity just keeping it all in balance.

Please note - to get your wines to you as fast as possible, we will will substitute out of stock lines in our mixed cases for one of equal value, drinkability and deliciousness.

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