Nals Margreid

2020 Pinot Bianco Berg

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Nals Margreid has some of the region's best vineyards for Pinot Bianco, a variety also known as Weissburgunder, planted between the two villages of Nals and Margreid in the beautiful Dolomites rock formations of the pre-Alps. Pinot Bianco Berg is fragrant, delicate and with crystalline purity and gentle minerality, with an added layer of creaminess that we find all good Pinot Biancos.

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What does this wine taste like?

This wine features Tree fruit, Citrus & Earthy notes.

Which foods would go well with this wine?

We think that this fantastic white wine from Nals Margreid would pair amazingly well with the following foods - enjoy!

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2020 Nals Margreid Pinot Bianco Berg
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Located in Alto Adige · Italy

The history of Nals Margreid goes back to 1764, when the Campi estate was built in the location that now houses the winery. Winemaking has been part of the culture of this area for many centuries, with vineyards marking the landscape of this sweet spot between the Alps and......

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