Lesser known - not lesser wine! (£68) 6x75cl


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There's more to life than Chardonnay and Cabernet again. We buy hundreds of wines because we know how diverse the palettes in this country are, and often the pleasure in running a wine store is in sharing something we've found that we know people will enjoy. This case showcases three of those, chosen mostly because they are scrumptious, and often because we don't think they get the press we think they should.

Two each of the following:

2019 Pecorino Farneto Collequieto

Not a cheese. Instead, this crisp light Italian wine has a delicious crisp apple taste, and absolutely sings with fish and chips, cutting through

2019 Riesling "Auf der Pochel" Trocken Hanewald-Schwerdt 

Crunchy, dry Riesling with great fruit play, pithy taste, cool spicy nose with citrus-emphasized, yellow-fruity aromas. Sweet fruit in the mouth, slightly yeasty tones, lively acidity, a little earthy with a nice drinking flow. 

2019 Sauvignier-Muscaris La Colombette Barbejo

Another from Our Friends in the South, AKA the Pugibets. Francois, along with his iconoclastic Pinot Noir plantations in a climate no Pinot should like, also likes to surrprise people by growing deeply unfashionable and lesser-known grapes and (horror of horrors) making them into commercial delicacies. Further to this, this is from their experimental vineyards dedicated to finding vines naturally resistant to common vine problems.

Please note - to get your wines to you as fast as possible, we will will substitute out of stock lines in our mixed cases for one of equal value, drinkability and deliciousness.

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