East Molesey - 23rd October - Bodegas Borsao Awesome Garnacha Tasting Eticket


We are very pleased to announce that Chris Garrigos of  Bodegas Borsao will be joining us for an evening of incredible Spanish Garnacha!

For those in the know, the best place in Spain to find good Garnacha nowadays is the Campo de Borja. This wine appellation is situated south of Navarra within the Aragón region in between the Ebro to the east and the Moncayo Massif to the west. The land itself is divided into smallholdings. Within the 6,000 ha planted are 1,150 vine growers and 13,800 delimited parcels, many of them farmed by weekend growers.....

Which is where co-operatives come in. Bodegas Borsao came into existence in 2001, a merger of three smaller co-operatives in the region. Bringing together financial stability and winemaking expertise to such a diverse portfolio of styles, grapes and growers has given them an incredible range of options, and the results are stunning. 

Join us for an evening of some of the best Garnacha out there, along with the brilliant light and crisp white Maccabeo and even the occasional interloper from northern climes!

Even more - Chris has said he will be bringing a special guest, who will also present their wines - our cup runneth over!

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