5th March 2020 - Weybridge - Ramekins & Wine - Holden Manz Eticket


Jamie is the chef and owner of "Ramekins and Wine".  Before being a Masterchef finalist, he was with Majestic for several years, so he really knows his wines too and twins this knowledge, to his extraordinary cooking talents.

After a phenomenal tasting with the whole of our team, we are all super-excited to have Jamie on board with us, so get prepared to take food and wine matching to a new level!

Tonight Jamie will be looking to pair the wines from Holden Manz, one of our best selling South African wineries.  Making a range of award winning wines with beautifully rich styles of red, white and rosé, we can't wait to see how Jamie pairs these and I can guarantee, it will be a fantastic night.

To read our Event terms and conditions, please click this link. 

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