26th February 2020 - The Tasting Rooms, Reigate - Argentina, more than Malbec! - The Saltbox Eticket


For those of you unaware of this exciting duo Christian and Beckie are Reigate locals. They design every menu not only to champion local produce and seasonal ingredients but also incorporate their love for all things cured, smoked and pickled. While dishes look elegant and simple on the plate, what you get in the mouth is layers of different flavours and textures layered up through their phenomenal preparation pre-cooking. This provides a brilliant counter to our wines and brings out the flavors of all superbly. Expect stunning varieties of Salt Box’s finest cured fish and meats, glorious homemade breads and the best of cheeses, chutneys, pickles, relishes....the list goes on!
As you can understand, the real value of this is the ability to show some serious wines. We're going to match this menu with some funky wine styles to reflect the cuisine, looking at new trends in wine, organics and unusual grape varieties. Get ready for some great nights!

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