2012 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOC ‘Nerento’, Tuscany, Italy


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At a tasting last night Villa Trasqua shone. A thousand-year-old Tuscan estate (4th April 1001, to be precise!) absolutely kicked the boots off other younger estates and presented three grown-up, sexy wines from mature vintages at rocking prices.
This is largely down to winemaker Franco Bernabei. As one of the top oenologists in Tuscany his credentials include long stints controlling Banfi and Fontodi, including the creation of the superb Flacianello. At Villa Trasqua, he has had healthy investment from the new owners plus 90 y.o. organic, sustainably farmed Sangiovese vines to work with. The results were delicious in a modern, approachable style which managed to still show off traditional Chianti fruit and style. Overall, these struck me as an archetype of Italian wines – finely engineered to an ancient design.
Nicely, they have all been held back some years from production, allowing the oaking to integrate seamlessly into the body and the wine to achieve an almost perfect silkiness. The mouthfeel across the range was superb, elegant yet full of power and verve.
Above all, being relatively unknown in the UK – the pricing is seriously sharp. Excellent on the dinner table in the Autumnal weather we are just seeing today or sipped just by themselves, I am thrilled to add these to our shelves and recommend you indulge yourself with a case (or two!)

2012 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOC ‘Nerento’
100% Sangiovese.
Taken from only the oldest vines of the estate, the purity of fruit in this wine is simply astonishing. Aromas of blackcurrant, blueberry, black mulberry followed by balsamic notes of eucalyptus and laurel. On the palette a tour de force of liquorice, black pepper, nutmeg, coffee and cocoa. This manages to wear it's age lightly - the fruitiness in the mouth is accompanied by well-integrated tannins with the secondary flavours of liquorice, black pepper, nutmeg, coffee and cocoa present but in complete balance and harmony with the fruit. All these roll into the long, intense ending. Washes of flavour kept rolling back just when you thought it had finished - encouraging another sip.

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