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Each month we put together a mixed case of six bottles totalling £70-£120 (saving up to 25% off the normal price), reflecting a particular theme or region in the wine world. Included with the wines will be tasting notes, maps and information about the producers.


With vaccines being in the news, I recalled how the godfather of vaccine, Louis Pasteur, knew a thing or two about wine. Pasteur certainly wasn’t wrong about wine’s ability to bring happiness. There is an inherent joyfulness in good wine, so this month, you could even say that this case is packed with “medically certified” positivity?

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance”
Powerful stuff indeed, from renowned wine lover and American Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. Again, enhancing those positive thoughts that wine brings to our daily lives. Imagine if they had included this in the constitution, rather than “the right to bear arms”, it could have been “the right to bear decanters”?


...is that it is imbued with pleasure, a sense of romance and joy, with a little touch of ceremony. From the selection of the bottle, to the glorious sound of a cork pop and then the gentle glug, glug, glug, as you fill the glasses, to the swirling, the sniffing, the tasting, and the repeating of this as required.

Of course, in moderation, wine can make you feel better and this is not just purely down to ABV (although it does help!). There’s also a simple, physical factor as well. Alcohol is a vasodilator, thereby increasing the blood flow to your skin, literally flushing your body with warmth. Combine this with a fire, a good book, some candles, (cheese?) and you are in Hygge central. Let’s face it, our Scandinavian friends know a thing or two about getting through dark winters.

So, in times when the budbreak of Spring seems a long way off, I commend this wonderful case to you, jam-packed with joy, memories, antioxidants and most importantly, the delicious positivity of wine.

Enjoy, Erik


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Eva Foam
NV Grand Reserve Brut, Lallier, Champagne, France

£30.99 12.5%

Non slip surface
2019 “Amauta” Tannat, Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

£13.99 14%

2014 Holden Manz “Visionaire”, Franschhoek, South Africa

£18.99 15%

2014 “Conte des Garrigues”, Domaine La Prade Mari, Minervois, France

£17.99 14%

2016 “Náiades” Verdejo, Bodegas Naia, Rueda, Spain

£28.99 14%

NV Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rasciatano, Apulia, Italy


Wine Club Price £97.00

On shelf price - £120.94 / In-store Case Price - £104.54


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