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Although I have spent most of my professional life in education, I also ran my own wine business importing French regional wines. This enabled me to visit many 'vignerons indépendants' across France and learn a lot about vinification, regional differences and most importantly…terroir. As well as this, I got to taste some brilliant wines!

Since joining The Vineking in 2012 I have loved discovering there is a plethora of great wines made across the rest of the world too. However, you can take a man out of Beaujolais but not Beaujolais out of the man and my personal favourites remains their wonderful aged Crus.


I was the product of one of the world’s best vintages (1982), and was born at my family estate Chateau de la Sauvageonne. Wine was all through my childhood - I completed my first vintage at age twelve. After a few years working in restaurants, on an estate in South Africa and doing the occasional harvest back at home in France, I decided to settle with my wife in London. This means I have access to wines from around the world – which is much harder in France!

If I have to name two of my favourite grapes I would say definitely "Syrah for the red as I grew up with the smell and taste of it and Chenin Blanc for the white for all the different finish you can get from this.”

I look forward to help you selecting your wine in the shop.