Reigate (West Road)

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I’ve been working at The Vineking for far too long to remember, in fact I think I’ve been here longest, after Erik of course! My first real wine tasting experience was visiting producers in Burgundy at the age of 12 at the side of my father, from which a seed was sown.

Since then I have worked as the Assistant Manager of Harrods Wine Department, and have been a Sales Representative for a number of Wine Wholesalers in London. Somewhere back in the heady days of the 90’s I met Erik at La Reserve in London. I realised I had found a kindred spirit in wine, food, if not opposing musical tastes and enjoying all three until the early hours of the morning, on far too many occasions.

So, when back in 2009 Erik asked me to join him on this particular journey, I was delighted to help, especially having just moved to Reigate. Most importantly, during my time in the wine trade I have tasted an awful lot of wine and love real wines from the classic regions of Italy and France in particular.

Based at the ever popular West Road shop, do come and see me, where we’ll no doubt discuss the joy of wine, the fortunes of Liverpool F.C. and all to the background of Frank Sinatra, Abba or maybe some Rainbow (Something Erik and I can both agree on!).


As the newest member of the Vineking team I can say that I am very happy and excited to be able to continue my journey into the wonderful world of wine! Previously, I spent two years working in the leading independent wine and spirits merchant in Yorkshire, whilst completing my Law degree where my mind and palate were first drawn to the fascinating industry that is fine wine and spirits.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to join this fantastic team and continue to build my understanding and passion for wine and spirits. It is a subject I incessantly blab to friends and family about, working here provides a willing audience!