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In a past life, I had 15 years in the original incarnation of Oddbins, so this is part two of my interrupted wine career. Most of the interval was spent working in the golf industry. I'm enjoying being back in the fold, where small is beautiful, yet we still retain plans for world domination!

I regard myself very much as a generalist on the vinous front, although I do have a slight predilection for all things Italian due to an accident of birth. I'm also very proud of my status as the only grandfather at the Vineking.


After gaining her PhD in Architectural and Urban Theory Rebecca took a detour into the world of food and wine and decided to stay there as it’s much more fun. She joined the Vineking in 2015 and has since become their WSET Educator leading their level 1 and 2 courses, and hopes to add level 3 and Spirits to the offering by 2019.

As well as being on the shop floor Rebecca loves to host events, and can often be found running gin nights, Italian wine masterclasses or helping with the winemaker’s evenings. Any excuse to talk about all things boozy to a willing audience!

A specialist in Italian wine as well as spirits she dreams of upping sticks to the Umbrian countryside. In the meantime she’s content to tend her garden in Surrey with it’s numerous varieties of rosemary and optimistically planted Black Muscat vine.

In addition to working for the Vineking she is a freelance writer and recipe developer, with her work being published in international as well as online publications.