November 2020 Wine Club - Limestone

Each month we put together a mixed case of six bottles totalling £70-£120 (saving up to 25% off the normal price), reflecting a particular theme or region in the wine world. Included with the wines will be tasting notes, maps and information about the producers. This month is the turn of Central Otago in New Zealand

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What's in this Month's Case?

Limestone - The Bedrock of Great Wines!

This has been a really fun case to put together and I think you're going to be thrilled with the results. The more we learn about wine, the more we realise how the wine's character is actually formed in the vineyard, rather than the winery.  Hence, the "terroir" is a key determining characteristics, especially in terms of the wine's structure. 

Limestone is identified as a key ingredient in making the top vineyard sites in the world and in particular in France, giving wines of elegance and finesse.

So get ready to enjoy some cracking wines which highlight what limestone is all about.

    On Shelf Price - £132.94

    In-Store Case Price - £112.99

    Wine Club Price £97.00

    Download the Full Details including the Wines in the case here

    And what's coming up for the rest of the year?
    • December - Rioja - Traditionalists, Modernists & Post-Modernists

    Best wishes to you all

    Erik & The Team


    How Does the Wine Club Work?

    1. Once you have signed up you will receive a direct debit via email for you to complete
    2. You then decide if you wish to receive the first month's case or not
    3. Each month we will email you full details of the case and you can choose whether to accept it or not
    4. Sit back - Relax - Wait for the Delivery!

    Are There Any Other Benefits?

    • We will deliver free within 5 miles of any of our stores otherwise a £7.50 delivery charge applies. If it is more convenient then the case can be collected from any of our stores.
    • Members will also be entitled to 2x free tickets to our Summer and Winter Portfolio Tastings at our Stores
    • You may opt out or cancel at any time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't want that month's case?

    If you don't fancy it, or have too much wine, there's an "OPT OUT" button on that month's Wine Club email. So you may opt-out of that month's selection and of course, you can cancel at any point too.

    What if I Join After the 1st of the Month?

    If you sign up mid-month then we will still offer you the current month's case. If you join towards the end of the month then please note that we may have to substitute certain items if they are out of stock.

    How do I pay for it?

    It's simple to set up and pay via Direct Debit, only debited if you take that month's case.

    How do I get it?

    We will deliver it for free if local, if beyond 5 miles of one of the shops £7.50 for a courier - or you can collect for free.

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