2018 Bordeaux En Primeur - A Very Exciting Vintage

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2018 Bordeaux is a great success, with some excellent wines produced across the whole region. However it's not a vintage to buy blindly and some care is required in selection.

As ever it came down to the weather and 2018 was very much a vintage of two halves. From January until July, it was a wet and tricky start, challenging those in particular who practise organic or biodynamic viticulture with mildew reducing their crops significantly (so Pontet Canet is worth avoiding this year!). Then a few Chateaux were hit hard by hail, including Ch. Angelus again....

However, those who had intact and healthy vineyards, enjoyed magnificent weather from mid July and lasting until mid October. Unlike 2003, due to the heavy rainfall earlier in the year, severe heat stress was avoided. This ensured that excellent quality grapes were produced that were even said to be some of the healthiest and ripest grapes ever seen by the thrilled growers.

For me, the very best of the 2018's combine the richness, ripeness and charm of 2009's but tempered with the fabulous balance of the 2016's, so quite a unique vintage and one that really deserves to find a place in your cellars.

Of course the top Châteaux have made wonderfully fine wines but, for each case of classic Cru Classé, I would suggest that for the pleasure of having some great wines to enjoy drinking (without nervously looking at their current values), do take on some of the brilliant wines made from in often over looked regions.

So, keep your minds open towards some Cru Bourgeois and "Petit Châteaux" from those regions such as Graves, Côtes de Bordeaux, Castillon, Lalande de Pomerol etc. - this is where some real value is to be found....

Read Up!
I would urge you to read the various online publications to get a really good feel of the vintage too - Jancis Robinson MW, The Wine Advocate, Decanter Wine Magazine in particular.

A Buying Strategy?
Could I suggest when looking at the various releases, have in mind a buying strategy. Allocate a budget depending if you are buying with an eye for investment, or if your focus is on the simple pleasure of putting together a cellar of fab wines to drink and enjoy yourself, or a combination of both - which is what I would recommend.

Want to discuss this in more detail?
You can talk to all my guys in the shops who really know their Bordeaux but sometime it's not always easy to chat in a busy store. If you would like to arrange a one-to-one meeting with myself or one of the guys, to run through your strategy and cellar plans, do please email me and we can arrange a time.

All the wines are offered priced as being In Bond at LCB, London. Interestingly, some are offered as 12 packs and some as 6 packs. I much prefer buying as 6 packs but do sometimes fear that when you do drink that final bottle, you usually wish you had bought more......!?

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