Grand Cru Reserve Brut Champagne Lallier France


Just look at that bottle - doesn't it look the part of a decent fizz? We've been working with Champagne Lallier for a few years now and the quality of what they produce is threatening the ascendancy of the all-conquering Instinct! They are a small family concern crafting Pinot Noir blends from their own 'Grand Cru' vineyards in Ay. Like Bollinger, Lallier's wines use a high proportion of Pinot Noir in their blends, so with Champagne Lallier you get a Pinot Noir dominated blend from Grand Cru and Premier Cru sites - a rarity. Attractive aromas of fresh fruits, citrus fruit and honey. Well balanced with good structure and an appealing freshness, this is a really good aperitif champagne as the balance means that everyone will enjoy it - we always show it at wedding tastings for this reason.

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