Sa Raja by White

Located in Sardinia · Italy

Saraja  is a new wine project born from the idea of Mark Hartmann, Enrico e Marco Faccenda, Giulio Corti, Emanuele Schembri. The five partners have in common passion for wine, but moreover a strong believe in the Sardinian land. This vision guided them in the acquisition of a propriety of 75 hectares, 49 of vineyards, and others vineyards managed in Romangia for the production of Cannonau and in Sulcis for the production of Carignano. The winery is located in Gallura, land vocated since ever to viticulture and for Cru of Vermentino. Saraja is not only the name of the brand it is the name of where the vineyards are located.  The style and expression of the wine Sa Raja are far from international taste, they are totally registered in the Mediterranean taste. The winery is a challenging concept: the first that overlooks on the sea and with a unique view and modern technology.