2016 Idylle Rose La Tour Melas, Achinos, Greece


There is a funny story about this wine, which may or may not be apocryphal, but it’s too good not to tell – so here goes. If it’s true? Great. If it’s a folk-legend based on truth? I wouldn’t be surprised….
After having set up La Tour Melas and planted all the original vines, Kyros wanted to run the vineyard on a shoestring until the vines had grown up slightly and produced more mature fruit. Sensible, definitely – but unfortunately even immature vines produced fruit which needs to be picked and the vines need to be pruned – in short, staff are still required on a seasonal basis – and need to be fed. Which can be expensive.
Into our story comes Elsa Picard, ex-winemaker of Ch. Chasse-Spleen and a native of Provence. Seeing all this superb juice being produced by these young vines, she did what any winemaker with material at hand does and made a rosé, offering it to the local Taverna as a bargain for feeding hungry field-hands.
What she wasn’t banking on was for Kyros to go off drinking down the pub with his mates on a hot afternoon. After having thoroughly enjoyed a couple of bottles of this unlabelled rose they were stocking, he called the waitress over.
-“What is this Rosé? I love it!”
-“It’s your rosé?”
At which point Kyros roared back up to the estate.
-“Elsa! That is the best rosé I have ever tried! Stop giving it away! We’re going to sell it!”
Anyway. The Idylle was born from that unlikely set of events, or so garbled history relates. Pale pink in the glass, with aromas of nectarine, strawberries and wet stone. The palate is dry with crisp acidity, stone fruit dominates, but is rounded out with ripe berry fruit leading to a long mineral finish. This is a serious rosé that will partner excellently with a range of dishes, or work well as an aperitif.

Collections: France, Greece, Grenache Garnacha, Rose

Type: Rose

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