The Distant Shores of France (White wine)


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Du Pain, du vin….you know how it goes.  This would be the perfect picnic, enjoyed on your journey down to Southern France having peeled off the Autoroute, found that perfect spot next to the river etc. etc.  So, re-live this moment with a wonderful cheese and terrine combo, a classic Chablis and we’ve included some crackers, just in case you don’t have a fresh baguette to hand! 

What’s included:
From the Deli
Brillat Savarin Cheese (100g) – Georges Bruck Wild Boar, Pinot Noir & Truffle Terrine (140g) – Savoury ships’ biscuits, made with EVOO (200g)

From the Wine Rack
2017 Chablis Domaine Fournillon, Burgundy


Distant Shores……

There are many reasons that you may be missing the flavours of home, shared experiences with loved ones, or just your favourite holiday spot. We’ve put these together as both an aid memoire and to give us a taste of what we can hopefully enjoy in 2021.  



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