Reigate - 10th-12th September - Old World vs New World Blind Tasting Eticket


Fancy a chance to win £100?
10th to 12th September we will be hosting our second 'blind tasting' competition, open to all.

Try your way through 16 amazing wines, then give us grape variety and whether it is old world or new world (don't panic, we will provide you with the information and you just have to put it in the right place), although bonus points if you can give us the countries as well, and the person with the highest score will win a £100 top up on their wine card, and yes we did mean to type £100.

This is the perfect opportunity to come and taste some incredible wines while testing your palate and knowledge, in a fun and informal setting. And why not see if you can beat the team - Ellie is reigning champion at the moment.

This months theme: Old World vs New World.

When we talk about old vs new in the wine world we are generally talking about Europe vs the rest of the world but it also implies, historically, a stylistic difference. Old World implying a more delicate, elegant style and new world implying a bigger, bolder approach. Think Sancerre vs a New Zealand or Chilean Sauvignon Blanc!

Book now for your table, a complimentary plate of cheese and meat.

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