Chateau de la Terriere

Located in Beaujolais · France

One of the oldest estates in the Beaujolais region, Château de la Terrière has been in its beautiful location in Cercié, looking out over Mount Brouilly, since the 14th century.

The château was passed down through numerous generations of lords before being bought by current owner Grégory Barbet in 2003. Barbet is the ninth generation of a winegrowing family and also the owner of Domaine de la Pirolette, and he set about some extensive works to improve both the vineyard and the cellars.

This is a particularly fine location for growing grapes, with a prevailing north wind that provides great drying capacity and guards against the formation of mists and fogs that would hamper growing.

Château de la Terrière’s winemaker Yoan Pitoiset also acts as consultant oenologist for several other estates in Beaujolais.