2014 Gattinara Tre Vigne Travaglini Piemonte

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Northern Piedmont has a long tradition in the production of outstanding red wines from the Nebbiolo grape. The cool mountainous vineyards of Gattinara and the hills around Novara and Vercelli in the north-east section of Piedmont produce some of the most lithe, refined and perfumed Nebbiolo wines of all, that also age remarkably well - just like it’s southern neighbours Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero.
What is different is the cost of production compared to southern Piemonte. As large cities such as Milan or Turin swelled with former seasonal workers looking for settled year-round employment in the early half of the last century, the mass exodus from the small villages and valleys of northern Piemonte has left land values in Northern Piemonte remarkably low. This means that serious growers have very low competition for the best of plots (Travaglini cultivates roughly 48 hectares out of a total of only 100 hectares for the whole Gattinara DOCG). The result is that while the land produces some of the most delicious reds in Italy, even the finest rarely cost what you would pay for something from further south.
Located in the heart of Gattinara, Travaglini was established in the 1920s by Clemente Travaglini. Nowadays managed by husband-and-wife team of manager Cinzia Travaglini and winemaker Massimo Collauto, the estate produces great Nebbiolo. These are wines both for drinking and having in the cellar to enjoy in years to come.

The Travaglini TreVigne is the result of extensive research of the best characteristics of soil, and marriage of three “historical” vineyards. This wine is produced only in the best vintages. A deep pomegranate red wine; delicate fruity fragrances, warm, jam, plum and tamarind. Full-bodied soft, silky tannins, with a long smooth finish.

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